NEW from Tom Anderson, Angel. 24 frets!


Teddy holding the first production model Angel at the NAMM show. After posting pictures of this guitar on Facebook, it sold before we even had a chance to get it in our shop.

What debuted at the NAMM show last weekend was a new Tom Anderson model that we’ve been waiting and waiting to get our hands and eyes on, Angel.  After guitar players telling us for years how much they love Tom Anderson’s guitars, but wishing they could have something with 24 frets, this guitar finally came to fruition.   Those comfortable with the Drop Tops of Tom Anderson will feel immediately at ease with this model.  Minor tweaks to the body compliment the 24 fret neck, and the lack of pickup rings (all pickups are mounted to the body) make this the ultimate shred machine.


Starting from the ground up, you can see the attention to detail that Tom Anderson did with the carving and body contours.  This picture actually shows the building process of 01-07-14P (the guitar shown above in Teddy’s hands).  Hand sanding is done to the body after the pickup slots are carved into the guitar’s body along with the unique neck pocket that’s set up for their neckextraordinarily strong two bolt system.  The guitar goes into Tom Anderson‘s paint room where some of the most incredible paint jobs on guitars have been made.  Check out the swell of color on the top of this beautiful Arctic Blue Surf Drop Top.  I was dumbfounded when I opened the case for that.  bodydryingAs you can see with the Atlantic Storm finish that they put on the Angel, it works beautifully over the quilt maple top.  After the guitar is painted in the Tom Anderson paint room, it sits and dries (depending on the finish, up to weeks at a time).  As you can see in the picture, many guitars are hung to dry in this room.  The guitar is then buffed and shined to a mirror gloss.
paintbody2Buffing a guitar is not an easy process.  Sure, it’s only a giant foam pad that’s swirling around and around, but with the speed of that pad, you’ve gotta hold onto that body for dear life to make sure that it won’t go flying out of your hands.  Once loaded with all of the electronics (H1 neck humbucker, an SC1 middle single coil pickup, and an H3 humbucker in the bridge), the Angel is ready to get into a case and shipped out.  As someone who works in a guitar shop, you can’t be sad to see a guitar sell before you’ve seen it and held it in your hands, but I was really excited to see this!

Per our ordering schedule with Tom Anderson Guitarworks, the following Angels are on order:

Angel – Fire Burst with Binding (with Vintage Tremolo)
Angel – Fire Burst with Binding (with Vintage Tremolo)
Angel Player – Satin Black (with Floyd)
Angel – Natural Black with Binding (with Vintage Tremolo)
Angel – Atlantic Storm (with Floyd)*

*exact specs of guitar seen above

If you’d like your own custom version of this incredible guitar, Make’n Music does have reserve build slots open for March 2014. Fill out the form below with exactly what you’d like done, and we can get the guitar of your dreams into your hands!

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