Carr Amps Sportsman 1x10 Combo

The Sportsman 1x10 combo from Carr Amps combines the tone of a vintage Fender Blackface Princeton w/ pushed tweed drive

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Carr Amps Sportsman 1x10 combo

This amp is the boutique offspring of a 60's Blackface Fender Princeton with the pushed snarl of a Fender Tweed

The Carr Sportsman is one of our favorite tube guitar ampplifiers to come out in along time!  Think vintage 60's Blackface Fender Princeton clean tone with Carr's lush reverb and a Tweed Deluxe overdrive!! From classic clean to bluesy mean you will have a smile on your face that will have to be surgically removed! The Sportsman is 100% hand-made in the USA. It uses dual partial fixed bias 6V6s generate 19 watts and does not require a bias adjustment when replacing tubes.  The "headroom" volume knob can take you from bedroom to club level volumes with ease and helps make the Carr Sportsman a versatile choice for a variety of situations.

Features and Specs of the Sportsman 1x10 combo from Carr Amplifiers:

  • Dual 6V6 power section
  • Class A
  • partial fixed bias
  • 16 watts clean
  • 19 watts maxed
  • Tube reverb with long spring tank
  • Mid control with extended range
  • Variable Headroom control
  • Floating '60s-style baffle
  • Compact size Solid pine cabinet
  • Jensen 10" speaker

ID: 1426

Additional Information

Brand Carr Amps
Product Color Black Tan Grill
Serial Number No
Condition Brand New
Case None
Manufacturer’s Part # 2258

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