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Welcome to the Make'n Music Clearance Page!

We are currently promoting our MASSIVE Inventory Clearance Sale!

If you are looking for a deal you're in the right place! This is the page where we feature all of the various Sale, Clearance and Discounted inventory we have in stock. All the items posted here are brand new, in brand new condition and come with their full warranty, cases and/or accessories unless specifically noted in thier individual listings.

We have tons of cool inventory on order and we need to make room! Please take advantage of all these stellar deals we have arranged for you on our Sale | Clearance | Discounts page and help us clean house!

Useful Information about our Sale Pricing and Clearance Items:

Almost every product we carry will have some type of sale pricing and many items we have on clearance will be accessable through the normal website features. However, many of our Clearance Sale Prices are TOO LOW TO MAKE PUBLIC! The extra special clearance prices WILL NOT BE VISIBLE when searching our website with the normal "search" features or by using the typical navigation buttons. The most special sale pricing may only be visible if you access these items directly through this "Clearance" page (by clicking on the "Clearance" button at the top of any page), by following any special banners and/or by direct link. Any other search method may show you our regular sale pricing. So please check here first for the best deals at Make'n Music!

Always feel free to contact us with any questions.