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Make'n Music is an authorized dealer of H.B.E. effects pedals!

Make'n Music always has a great selection of HBE effect pedals for sale. Our entire inventory is available online and always includes popular effects pedal models such as the HBE: Germania, Germania 44, Psilocybe Phaser, Power Screamer, Dos Mos, CPR Compressor Retro and THC Chorus in stock. We always try to have popular options available too- like custom color finishes and upgraded Burr Brown chips.

Make'n Music offers the Guaranteed Lowest Price!

You will notice a sale price posted online for all of the guitars, amplifiers, effects and accessories for sale at Make'n Music. We guarantee this to be the lowest price you will find on a comparable model. If you do find a lower price from one of our competitors, we will meet or beat that price for you.