Fulltone PlimSoul Overdrive Distortion effects pedal

The Fulltone Plimsoul is a MUST OWN! One of the best Overdrive / Distortion effects pedals around. Period.

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Fulltone Pedals Plimsoul Overdrive | Distortion

Great sounding guitar effects pedal

Killer Overdrive & Distortion tones!

For many years Overdrive / Distortion effects pedals have basically offered two choices- "Soft-clipped" for bluesy, slightly compressed, Tube Screamer / FD2, etc... type sounds or "Hard-Clipped" with more rocking gain like an OCD, MXR Distortion+, Boss DS-1, etc...

With the PlimSoul by Fulltone YOU can HAVE BOTH...

The Plim Soul has a unique, ''two-stage design'' that gives you the best of both worlds; from Softer, Bluesy and Compressed, all the way to the Firmer, Crunchier, British-style output tube distortion. You can even blend from softer and more compressed to firm and tight with the turn of a little dial. What's more is not only do you hear and feel it... you can SEE the pedal reacting to your every mood via a fiery LED that glows brighter and dimmer depending on how distorted it is.

Touch sensitive? YOU BET !!!

Many people ask how the Fulltone PlimSoul compares to the Fulltone OCD- Easy answer: The OCD has a flat EQ and won't change the tone of your amp. The PlimSoul has gorgeous, enhanced Mid and Lower-Midrange frequencies which can easily transform a smaller combo into a Marhall-like Lead machine. PlimSoul is also even more sensitive than the OCD. It and can go from the snarliest, nastiest DIRTY to sparkling, spanky CLEAN just by rolling back your guitar’s volume knob!

Equally good with Humbuckers and Single coils:

The Fulltone Plim Soul works great alone or in conjunction with other pedals. It has extremely good Sustain/Feedback qualities, just the right mix of Mids and Bottom, Great touch sensitivity, dynamics, and all those "in-between shades" available when you know how to use your guitar's volume control.

This is one of the best pedals around. Period. It is certainly one of, if not the best value. Every guitar player should have a Fulltone PlimSoul in their arsenal.

Features and Specs of the Plimsoul Distortion from Fulltone Pedals:

  • Level control
  • Sustain control
  • Hi-cut control
  • Stage 23 dial
  • Footswitch
  • LEDs for distortion and power

ID: 1223

Additional Information

Brand Fulltone
Product Color Purple
Serial Number No
Condition Brand New
Case None
Manufacturer’s Part # PLS

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