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    Black Cat Pedals Mini-Trem

    The Black Cat Mini Trem has tube amp sounding tremolo, two speeds and an internal boost to make your tone pop!

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    Black Cat Pedals Mini-Trem

    Great sounding Tremolo and Boost!

    Hand-made boutique guitar effects pedal

    This is one Black Cat that I wouldn't mind having cross my path. The Mini Trem from Black Cat is a Tremolo guitar effects pedal that gives you everything from wonderfully subtle, tube-amp like volume swells to chopper like cuts depending on how you've got the effect pedal setup. Set the speed of the trem you want and engage the "Speed" switch for a 2nd tremolo setting at double the speed of your current tremolo. The internal boost allows you to match up volumes from amp to amp as well as taking care of that pesky issue that most people find with tremolo pedals where as soon as you engage the effect it drops in volume. A sweep-able tone knob allows for anything from a nice rounded tone that's great for a jazzier sounds to a pushed snappy bite that's great for a more twangy tone. If you are looking for a boutique, tube amplifier sounding trem pedal for your guitar rig or pedalboard, the Black Cat Mini Trem is the one for you!

    Features and Specs of the Mini-Trem guitar effects pedal from Black Cat:

    • Durable powder-coat “Gold Sparkle” finish
    • Cool Black glass epoxy PCB with yellow silkscreen
    • Metal film resistors
    • Audio grade capacitors
    • 3PDT true-bypass switch
    • Switchcraft jacks
    • 2.1mm Boss style power jack, or internal 9V battery
    • Hand-wired
    • Boutique quality
    • Made in USA
    • LED flashes in time to tremolo rate
    • Two footswitches – one for On/Off and one for Speed

    ID: 1367

    Additional Information

    Brand Black Cat Pedals
    Product Color Gold Sparkle
    Serial Number No
    Condition Brand New
    Case None
    Manufacturer’s Part # 2156
    Make’n Music SKU 2156

    ID: 1367