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Collings Electric Guitars

Make'n Music is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Collings Electric Guitars!

Bill Collings builds some of the absolute finest quality guitars that have ever been, and ever will be made! There isn't anything comparable to he level of detail achieved with a Collings- not in a guitar, not in a space shuttle, not in anything. They are simply perfect. From the quality of the wood, the fretwork, fit and finish, resonance, tone and playability.

Make'n Music always tries to have a full selection of Collings Guitars for sale and in stock at all times. Please review our online inventory of Collings electrics, including the Collings 290, Collings 290 DC and 290 DCS, Collings 360, Collings I-35, I-35 Deluxe and I-35LC, Collings SoCo and SoCo 16, CL Jazz and more... In additional to the standard configurations we also try to have many popular options, such as Flame or Quilted Maple Tops, Doghair and Sunburst finish options, special inlays, etc...

Make'n Music always offers the Guaranteed Lowest Price!

We will meet or beat any competitor's price on a comparably equipped instrument. If you can't find what you are looking for in stock please do not hesitate to contact us- If we do not have what you are looking for on order already we will be happy to special order the Collings Acoustic Guitar of your dreams.