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Tom Anderson Guitars for Sale

Make'n Music is an Authorized Anderson Guitar Dealer

Make'n Music is proud to be a dealer for the custom boutique electric guitars manufactured by Tom Anderson. Please review our online inventory of Anderson Guitars including theTom Anderson Classic, Tom Anderson Cobra, Tom Anderson Bulldog, Tom Anderson Drop Top, Tom Anderson T Classic, the new 24 fret Tom Anderson Angel. Hollow Classic, Hollow Drop Top and other models available too! As one of the premier authorized dealers for Tom Anderson Guitars Make’n Music has production slots reserved all year long and can get your custom Tom Anderson guitar built quickly- Faster than many other dealers. If you are interested in special ordering a custom Tom Anderson guitar from Make’n Music please click the graphic to open a .PDF (Tom Anderson Custom Guitar Quote Sheet) with an easy to use spec sheet and custom quote guide. Just choose your desired model and specifications from the drop down menus, save the file, and EMAIL it back to us along with any questions. We will be happy to guide you through the process and get you a great price on one of these amazing electric guitars!

(from Wiki)Tom Anderson Guitarworks is an American manufacturer of guitars and guitar pickups, based in Newbury Park, California. The company was started in 1984 by Tom Anderson, who is regarded as "one of the most respected names in the […] custom guitar market."They manufacture about 750 instruments per year and have a reputation for "consistently high build quality, superb playability and innovative tones."


  • Cobra S

    Tom Anderson Cobra S

    Sale Price: $3,444.00

    Retail Price: $4,474.00

  • Drop Top

    Tom Anderson Drop Top

    Sale Price: $4,022.00

    Retail Price: $5,224.00