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Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah Wah pedal

The Fulltone CLYDE Standard Wah was born from painstaking analyzation of 25 of the best vintage Vox Clyde McCoy wahs

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Clyde Standard Wah Wah pedal

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Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah Wah pedal

Voted "Best of the Best" guitar effects pedal! Vintage tone with contemporary quality!

The Fulltone CLYDE Wah Wah pedal was born from from a desire to create the best! Mike Fuller took 25 of the "best of the best" vintage Vox wah collection and painstakingly analyed every aspect... going so far as sacrificing a few of the vintage inductors to get it right. The inductor on the Fulltone Clyde Wah is a tuned core, hand-made unit using EXACTLY the same type wire and inductance as the '60's era Vox Clyde McCoy wah inductor. The only difference is that the tolerances are so tight they are VERY consistent from one unit to the next. A tuned core inductor is much more expensive to make, but the end result is worth it! You can actually experience the difference (not just hear it)! The only change from the original '60's Vox design is the addition of a very usable internal "Resonance Control" which is a large durable trimmer, for Bass and gain adjustment, which is easily adjustable by hand without tools and with room to mark your favorite settings. This pedal, like of the the Fulltone products is also extremely well made by hand in the USA. High Quality Components and Contruction ensure that it will provide decades and decades or incredible tone.


Fulltone's CLYDE Standard wah pedals sport the most authentic '60s Vox-type inductor available, which happens to also be the quietest.

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ID: 749

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