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Fulltone Custom Shop True-Path ABY

If you are switching 1 guitar with 2 amplifiers, or 2 guitars with one amp- YOU NEED the Fulltone True-Path ABY

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Fulltone Pedals Custom Shop True-Path ABY guitar amp switcher

If you are switching 1 guitar with 2 amplifiers, or 2 guitars with one amp- YOU NEED THE FULLTONE ABY

This Fulltone ABY box is buffered and  features completely Silent Switching

If you are trying to use 2 guitar amplifiers with one guitar (for stereo or dual mono setups) and you are having problems with excessive noise, phase issues or ground loops, you absolutely need to have a buffered A/B/Y switcher. The Fulltone True Path ABY switcher is the best choice you can make!

The new Fulltone True Path ABY guitar amplfiier switcher is the most transparent audio switcher you've ever used. Fulltone packed the True-Path ABY with top-notch components to make sure that your tone sounds the same on the way out as it does on the way in. There is also a switchable JFET buffer on each channel to help drive long signal chains without losing tone. The best part of the True-Path ABY effects pedals innovative design is that you won't hear any "pop" or noise through your amp when switching.

Details of the Fulltone Custom Shop True-Path ABY Guitar Switch:

  • Top-notch electronics for transparent tone
  • Custom-designed photocells for ultra-low resistance
  • Switchable JFET buffers

Transparent Tone! Completely Silent Switching A/B box design:

Fulltone went to great lengths to find the best components for the job and put a lot of thought and development into making the True-Path ABY the most transparent switcher possible. The True-Path ABY A/B box uses a custom-wound transformer that eliminates grounding issues while leaving your tone intact. Fulltone worked tirelessly with photocell developers to create an optocoupler with only 50-ohms of resistance. Most other switchers have 300- to 300-ohms of resistance, and you can hear the difference. But most of the electronics in the True-Path ABY are there for one reason - to eliminate the "pop" sound when switching, for completely silent switching.

Custom-designed photocells for low resistance:

Sonically speaking, electrical resistance changes your signal's tone. Not always a bad thing when you're looking for an effect, but completely undesirable when you're just trying to pass your signal along. The only resistor your guitar's signal runs through in the True-Path ABY is the optocoupler, which Fulltone helped develop to be an ultra-low 50-ohms - way lower than the average 300-/400-ohm load in most switchers. So you'll hear the same tone coming out of the True-Path ABY as you sent into it.

The Fulltone AB/Y effects pedal features switchable JFET buffers:

The True-Path ABY from Fulltone Pedals gives you switchable JFET buffers for each channel the the utmost in flexibility for different applications. If you have to drive a long cable chain after the True-Path ABY, turn on the buffer to maintain your tone. Using fuzz pedals, or other effects that sound best with a high-impedance signal? Turn off the buffer, and you'll hear the richness of your fuzz and distortion pedals without excessive "fizziness" or harshness. No matter what your signal chain has in it, you can make it sound its best with the Fulltone True-Path ABY.

Features and Specs of the Fulltone Custom Shop True-Path ABY Guitar Switch:

  • Transparent Tone!!
  • ABY guitar switcher
  • Switch one guitar between two amps, or two guitars with one amp
  • Switchable JFET buffer drives long cables with no tone loss
  • Phase switch corrects phasing issues between multiple amplifiers
  • Custom optocoupler circuit has ultra-low resistance for transparent operation
  • Truly silent switching - no pops or clicks!

The Custom Shop Fulltone True-Path ABY is your best choice for truly transparent operation and silent guitar amplifier switching!

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Brand Fulltone
Product Color White
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Condition Brand New
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Manufacturer’s Part # MakenMusic944785

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