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Budda Amps Superdrive 45 Series II head

The Superdrive 45 Series II Head from Budda Amps is one great sounding tube guitar amplifier! An expressive beast!

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Superdrive 45 Series II head

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Budda Amps Superdrive 45 Series II head

This tube guitar amplifier is one expressive beast (to say the least)!

This amp is new with full warranty!

Photo Demo model. No shopwear. Save big!!! The Superdrive 45 Series II, from Budda Amplfication is an expressive beast! Dynamically sensitive to your touch and pick attack- It's deep bass, punchy mids and clear top end will slice right through the mix. This amp also blends well with others in the studio to create a massive wall of sound. The aggressive bite and complex overtones of KT66 tubes help make the Superdrive 45 a sonic masterpiece. This amp is packing 45 watts of Tube Rectified power and features high-grade 12AX7 preamp tubes up front. The power amp is hand-wired and operates in Class AB. There are two channels: "Rhythm" and "Hi Gain"; Treble, Mid and Bass controls; A push/pull gives you a more "Modern" mid function and there is also a push/pull "Brite" on the Rhythm volume. Drive control, Effects loop, Slave out, & Footswitch are also standard. Made in the U.S.A.

Features of the Super Drive 45 Series II head from Budda Amplifiers:

  •     45 Watts
  •     12AX7 high-grade preamp tubes
  •     Hand-wired, Class AB power amp
  •     2x Channels; Rhythm and Hi Gain Channels
  •     Treble, Mid and Bass controls
  •     Pull control for Modern Mid function
  •     Pull control for Brite on Rhythm volume
  •     Rhythm and master volume
  •     Drive control
  •     Effects loop
  •     Slave out
  •     Footswitch
  •     Made in the U.S.A.

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Product Color Black / Purple
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Manufacturer’s Part # BRS-13100-120V
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ID: 1070

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