Carr Amps Artemus 1x12 combo

Carr Amps Artemus is one of the most flexible EL84 amps on the market. Switch from 30/15 watts

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Carr Amps Artemus 1x12 combo

A modern interpretation of the classic, Vox AC-15 / AC-30 style tube guitar amplifiers!

The Artemus from Carr Amps is one of the most flexible EL-84 amps on the market. Switchable from 30/15 watts and giving you everything from British mop-top tones to American mullet tones and everything in between. The Artemus is versatile and delivers open and clear EL84 tones from biting to smooth and clean through touch-sensitive, tube amp overdrive. The fixed bias output stage offers wonderful punch with a smooth break-up when pushed. The Edge and Mid toggles sculpt tones from mellow to aggressive. The Artemus also features a brilliant input modified cascode 12AX7 circuit which emulates the thickness and and gain of an EF-86 preamp tube, but without the problematic microphonics normally associated with them. This is a new interpretation of the best aspects of classic, Vox "AC" sounds with all the stellar Carr craftsmanship and qualities.


Features and Specifications or the Artemus 1x12 combo from Carr Amplifiers:


  • Volume
  • Edge (toggle switch for bright & upper mid boost)
  • Bass
  • Mid (toggle between 60's American or British AC mid voicing)
  • Treble
  • 30/15 Watt toggle switch
  • Bias Test Points and Bias Pot (bottom panel)


  • Two 12AX7 pre-amp tubes
  • Four EL-84 power tubes
  • One 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier tube
  • Fixed bias output stage


The Carr Amps Artemus is a modern take on a classic, Vox-style tube amplifier

ID: 912

Additional Information

Brand Carr Amps
Product Color Black
Serial Number No
Condition Brand New
Case None
Manufacturer’s Part # 1697

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