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Himmelstrutz Fetto Standard

Himmelstrutz Fetto Standard- Very amp-like effect pedal good string separation from smooth overdrive to heavy distortion

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Fetto Standard

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Himmelstrutz Elektro Art Fetto Standard Great Distortion pedal

Marshall Amp-like tone in a box! Great string separation from smooth Overdrive to Heavy Distortion

Limited Supply in stock! Get one while they last!

Make'n Music is happy to have the Himmelstrutz Fetto Standard for sale! If you prefer good string separation, all the way from smooth overdrive to heavy distortion, if you don't want to lose the character of your instrument or amp, and if you like rich, musical harmonics AND great distortion at any volume (Whew! That's a mouthful) then Himmelstrutz effects are for you! Fetto is an overdrive / distortion pedal in the Marshall league. It generates sweet (and rough) overdrive / distortion tones that are rich in harmonics. The Fetto has a nice, tight low end and singing lead tone, chunky rhythm and great overall rock and roll sound. The character is 'raw without losing your original tone'. Evil in a pleasant way and very tube-like. Yes, this has been said many times before by other pedal makers but with Himmelstrutz pedals it's so easy to get a creamy, crunchy distortion at low volumes. The Fetto is definitely a good choice if you like old Marshall amplifiers, but need a push to get where you need to go. Fetto is also EXTREMELY DYNAMIC and sensitive to the position of your guitar's volume control. Last but not least, Fetto has several adjustments hidden inside- so if you are a real pedal tweaker then it can be fine tuned to suit your needs even further.


  • Drive: Overdrive / Distortion control
  • Tone: Tone control (passive treble cut)
  • Volume: Self explanatory
  • GIMME: True bypass footswitch
  • Bass and Mid: Internal trim pots

Features and Specifications of the Fetto Standard Overdrive | Distortion pedal from Himmelstrutz:

  • Blue LED
  • 9 V DC / 1.5 mA for long battery life!
  • AC Adapter (Optional): 5-18 V DC, center-pin negative (Straight plug, BOSS Standard connection, regulated power supply)


The Himmelstrutz Fetto Standard is an all original and handmade design- Not in any way a clone of anything else.

When your guitar and amp can't "ride the lightning" at reasonable volume levels...

Or you need to convince your audience, band and girlfriend that the sound isn't the reason why your music is boring...

Choose Fetto Standard!

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