Eastwood Guitars Warren Ellis Signature Tenor Baritone 2P - Dark Cherry - NEW!

Eastwood Guitars Warren Ellis Signature Tenor Baritone 2P - Dark Cherry - NEW!

Eastwood Guitars Warren Ellis Tenor Baritone 2P Dark Cherry Angled
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Eastwood Guitars Warren Ellis Signature Tenor Baritone 2P

Another unique collaboration between Eastwood and Warren Ellis

Despite a slightly oxymoronic sounding name –Tenor Baritone – This is actually a baritone version of a tenor guitar and it’s my favorite version. Tuned CGDA, C below normal low E on guitar, it has a rich, throaty tone that fits just rightly into the mix and is very inspiring to play write with. The Warren Ellis Signature 2P Baritone from Eastwood Guitars is one of many unique instruments developed in collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Warren Ellis and Eastwood Guitars. Ellis, primarily a violinist known for playing with The Dirty Three, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Grinderman and his film scoring gigs, has a unique style of pushing musical boundaries. If you are looking to push your musical boundaries and move beyond (or work backwards from the typical 6-strings of a normal electric guitar) I think you you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the inspiration you can draw upon when you “mix shit up a bit” so to speak (pardon my French). 

Obviously if you play Tenor guitar, Mandolin, Violin or Viola, Mandola – Any of those other instruments that aren’t your standard electric guitar you have probably found that they aren’t all that common. So having such an interesting selection of affordable choices from Eastwood and Airline guitars is a real treat - Especially for studio and touring musicians. Those of you who come from a typical 6-string guitar background might be wondering, like I did, “what the heck would I do with something like that????” Well if you have ever been in one of those spots where you just can’t seem to come up with a new idea or riff, stuck in a rut, or just plain bored of what you’re doing, these are a great way try something new! Step outside your comfort zone and be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with. You won’t regret it!

You can probably guess from the name that this is an electric baritone tenor guitar with 2 pickups. One of many unique configurations and instruments offered by Eastwood such as electric Mandolin, Mandola, high tuned 12-strings and more!

Features & Specs of the Warren Ellis Signature Tenor Baritone 2P

  • Solid Alder Body
  • Bolt-on Neck
  • 26” Scale Length
  • 1 5/16” Width
  • Mini Humbucker & Single Coil Blade Pickups
  • Individual on-off Switches for each
  • Master Volume
  • Master Tone
  • Nickel / Chrome Hardware
  • Fully Adjustable Bridge
  • Kluson Style Tuners
  • Suggested Strings: .062”, .040”, .026w”, .016p”
  • Case: Inquire


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