Carr Skylark 1x12 combo

Carr Skylark 1x12 combo

Carr Skylark 1x12 combo
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Carr Skylark 1x12 combo Carr Skylark 1x12 combo Carr Skylark 1x12 combo Carr Skylark 1x12 combo Carr Skylark 1x12 combo Carr Skylark 1x12 combo Carr Skylark 1x12 combo
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Carr Amps Skylark 1x12 combo

12 watt tube guitar amplifier

Hand-wired! Point-to-Point!

Inspired by the Fender Harvard!

Built-in Attenuator reduces power down to 1/100th of a watt!

This is the ultimate low-power American inspired amplifier!

The Carr Skylark is a brilliant amp! Incredibly versatile with adjustable power from 12 watts all the way down to 1/100th of a watt, lush tube Reverb, and an incredibly portable package that just happens to be pretty nifty looking as well. The Skylark concept began with an idea to create a super usable and satisfying take on some of the less popular, but great sounding classic home / student amps of the 1960’s- Great sounding and revered tube amps such as the Fender Harvard which are just now experiencing a renaissance due to their ability to deliver organic tube juice and vibe at real world (ie: practical) volume levels. The Skylark takes this fun and utility a giant leap forward- In fact, this is the tube guitar amplifier equivalent to sending a man to the Moon! (Well, maybe not quite, but it’s still pretty cool).

Reverb, a built in power Attenuator, Hi/Low gain switch, and the extended range presence control all combine to offer an incredible pallet of tones which leap from the Skylark’s retro / cool, dove-tailed cabinet.

The Carr Skylark 12 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier

  • 100% True point-to-point wiring.
  • Solen Aerospace Satellite power supply capacitors
  • Custom Carr power/output transformers
  • Local made saddle leather handle

Features or the Skylark 1x12 combo from Carr Amps

  • 12 Watts full output - (Brilliant Power)
  • 2 x 6V6GT power tubes
  • 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7 preamp tubes
  • Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Presence controls
  • Mid control has extended rage for tone from “Scooped” to “Barky”
  • Presence control also has extended range
  • Hi/Lo Gain switch
  • 12 Watt / 2 Watt switch
  • Built-in switchable variable attenuator
  • All tube Reverb
  • Solid Yellow Pine cabinet with floating baffle
  • Celestion A-type 12” American voiced speaker
  • Analysis Plus cable

Weight and Dimensions of the Skylark tube guitar combo amplifier from Carr

  • 21"         Wide    
  • 15.5"      Height  
  • 9"            Depth  
  • 36 lbs
SKU: 9191120479