Carr Bloke 1x12 combo

Carr Bloke 1x12 combo

Carr Bloke 1x12 combo
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Carr Bloke 1x12 combo Carr Bloke 1x12 combo Carr Bloke 1x12 combo Carr Bloke 1x12 combo Carr Bloke 1x12 combo Carr Bloke 1x12 combo Carr Bloke 1x12 combo
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Carr Amps Bloke 1x12 combo

Classic British Tone!

Marshall Overdrive / Distortion!

50 watt tube guitar amplifier!

The Bloke from Carr Amps is definitely one mean sounding amplifier! Make'n Music is happy to have the Carr Bloke for sale! With 2 Channels of Gain and More Gain, this amp is dripping with tonal goodness. When I first plugged into The Blloke at the NAMM show it wasn't more than 45 seconds of pure ecstasy before the sound police came over and shut me down. I've been craving another fix since that moment and today I finally got it. Man this amp is good sounding. You can get thick, juicy, overdrive gain at pretty much any volume. The type of tone that inspires your brain to release 5 albums worth of riffage you never knew you had stored away. Yeah- it's that good.

The Bloke is set up with an overall gain control up front and two separate, footswitchable "loudness" controls- Hi/Low and Lead. While it is channel switching, it's more of a dual overdrive setup than a typical clean/gain style amp. If you want cleaner tone then you just have to roll back the volume. At first I thought I might be uncomfortable with this- then I realized I play entire shows without switching to my clean channel even once. Plus the overdrive emmitted by the Bloke is so screaming good you won't even remember what a "clean" channel is, let alone ever want to use one again. Steve Carr is a tone god!

The Bloke is inspired by classic British amp tone of the '70s and '80s (think modified Plexi / JMP era through Marshall Jubilee) as well as a mix of late '60s American tube tone. Carr Amps blends a raw, assertive preamp with an incredibly muscular, direct driver output section. Bloke overdrive is thick and articulate with exceptionally solid speaker control. Love harmonically rich, singing sustain? The Carr Bloke is the amp for you! Massive filter capacitors in all power supply stages further add to the low punch. Foot switchable. Lead mode increases sustain and odd order harmonic drive.

Features and Specifications of the Bloke from Carr Amplifiers:

  • Gain Control
  • Hi/Low Loudness (master) control
  • Gain Toggle (high / higher)
  • Lead Loudness (master) control
  • Treble, Mid & Bass controls
  • Two EL-34 Power tubes for 48 watts
  • 6V6 compatible for 23 watts
  • Three 12AX7 pre amp tubes and phase inverter
  • One 12AT7 Direct Driver
  • Lighted foot switch included
  • Stepped Cabinet with Seperate Speaker Surround "Valence"

This is amp is balls deep with thick, meaty, ROCK & ROLL tone!!!

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