Dr. Z EZG-50 head

Dr. Z EZG-50 head

Dr. Z EZG-50 head
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Dr. Z EZG-50 head Dr. Z EZG-50 head Dr. Z EZG-50 head Dr. Z EZG-50 head Dr. Z EZG-50 head Dr. Z EZG-50 head
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Dr Z Amps EZG-50 head

The EZG 50 from Dr Z is an all Tube Guitar Amplifier

Tone to safisfy the most discriminating Fender Blackface fan!

The EZG-50 Head from Dr Z Amplification has the definitive 6L6 clean sound. Whether you are lusting after the classic El Mocambo tone, looking to surf the big waves, or want twang straight out of Bakersfield, the EZG-50 will satisfy the most discriminating blackface tone seeker. Until the EZG-50, this sound has been missing from the Dr Z line up.
Much time and care was taken in the development of the Dr Z EZG-50 heads and combo amplifiers. The seed of the amp came from a new 6L6 output transformer designed for Z Amps by Ken Fischer. It featurs a unique impedance not used by other American amp makers. This is one of the key factors to the EZG-50s classic Blackface Fender sound. NOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors are used in all critical tone positions of the EZG-50 circuit. These classic resistors add a warmth and depth to the tone that only they can give.
The EZG-50 also includes a 2-knob, all tube reverb. The Dwell and Mix controls provide full authority over all your reverb needs. Anything from a subtle tail on the note to a full-on surf assault is at your command. You also get a full EQ and a Pre and Post master volume. Around back you ll find 16, 8, and 4 ohm speaker outs and a Celestion G-12 65 Speaker. With 50 watts of clean power, 2 knob reverb, and a tube rectifier, the EZG-50 is the blackface head that never was, ala Dr Z.!

Features and Specs of the EZG 50 amplifier head from Dr Z Amps:

  • 50 Watts
  • 2x 6L6 Power Tubes
  • Preamp Tubes (in order, V1-V4) 12AX7, 12AT7, 12AX7, 12AT7
  • GZ34 Rectifier Tube
  • Controls: Pre & Post Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Dwell, Mix

Weight and Dimensions of the EZG-50 tube guitar amp:

  • 22 3/4" W, 10 1/8" H, 10" D; 35 lbs.
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