Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM

Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM

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Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM
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Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM Fujigen Expert Flame EFL-HM
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FGN Guitars Expert EFL-HM/HD

Fujigen solidbody electric guitar!

Highest quality construction!

Incredible tone and playability!

Fujigen has long been considered one of the premier manufacturers of electric guitars. They are best known (or perhaps unknown) as the builders of the finest guitars by many of the world’s most well-known brands including Fender, Gibson / Epiphone and Ibanez. It was the Fujigen factory that produced man of the coveted “copy” guitars from the “lawsuit” era of the 70’s to the Custom Ibanez guitars from their peak period, as well as the original Fender Japan many of the Gibson brands. In addition to the OEM production they do for other manufacturers, Fujigen has now begun to emphasize production of their own brand of FGN Guitars. FGN Guitars feature some new construction innovations that expand on their knowledge of traditional design that they have acquired in their years of experience for other manufacturers which make these instruments some of the best playing, best sounding electric guitars on the market today. They are also quite reasonably priced compared to comparable instruments from other makers.

The Expert Series of electric guitars are inspired by the classic, Les Paul style solid body but have many improvements over the vintage design to make them more playable as well as better sounding with a more clear and balanced tone. This particular instrument is a Heritage Dark Sunburst variation of the Expert Flame EFL-HM with Mahogany Body and Neck, Carved Maple top, Dual Humbucking pickups and set neck construction. Some notable innovations and features of the Expert EFL-HM/HD from FGN Guitars:

FGN "FJTP" Tailpiece

This brilliant and unique design brings a new twist to the classic “stoptail” design. The strings can be installed through the body or through the back of the tailpiece in order to maximize string tension and resonance. Stringing through the back of the body increases resonance and produces a strong, tight and focused tone, even with the light gauge strings. Thenote separation is more clear and distinct contributing to a more balanced sound in both lead and rhythm playing. Stringing the guitar only through the tailpiece will provide a more traditional Les Paul style tone.

Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.) & Compound Radius

Finely finished and slightly curved frets are mounted on the fingerboard to enhance pitch accuracy and create cleaner longer sustain and true harmonics. These are normal Jumbo frets installed in a typical manner, the slots are just very subtly curved (like a smiley face) on the fingerboard which improves intonation throughout the neck - (This is barely noticable to the naked eye in case you a looking). Extensive testing has proved that C.F.S has a positive effect on the playability and tone of fretted instruments and this is an important consideration for the discriminating musician. 10” – 14” compound Radius fretboards make chording easier in the first position and soloing easier in the higher registers. The fingerboard actually flattens out as you move up the neck allowing for a low action and easy bending with maximum comfort and minimal buzz.

Features of the FGN Expert EFL-HM Heritage Darkburst from Fujigen Guitars

  • Mahogany Body
  • Carved Maple Top
  • Set  Mahogany Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • 22 Jumbo Frets                
  • 24.75" scale length         
  • Gotoh GE104B Brass bridge
  • FJTP Brass tailpiece (strings through body or tailpiece)
  • Gotoh SG301-20 tuners
  • Master Volume
  • Master Tone
  • 3-way Toggle Switch      
  • FGN FL-1n pickup (neck)
  • FGN FL-1b pickup (bridge)          
  • Heritage Darkburst finish
  • Hardshell Case
SKU: 9191151209
Serial Number: E131235