Fulltone 69 MkII Fuzz Pedal

Fulltone 69 MkII Fuzz Pedal

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Fulltone 69 MkII Fuzz Pedal
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Fulltone 69 MkII Fuzz Pedal Fulltone 69 MkII Fuzz Pedal Fulltone 69 MkII Fuzz Pedal Fulltone 69 MkII Fuzz Pedal
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Fulltone Pedals 69 mkII Germanium Fuzz guitar effects pedal

Boutique Fuzz-Face style Effects Pedal for electric guitar

How does the Fulltone 69 MkII Fuzz  pedal sound? It has the tone you wished your FuzzFace could give you... Rich, Fat and Harmonic. Plus, if you roll back your Volume knob (Yeah- the one on your guitar) it cleans up like a vintage Fender amp. Try that with a Fuzz Face.

If you love the first two Jimi Hendrix records then you WILL love the Fulltone '69 MkII. At the core of this effects pedal are two Germanium transistors, hand-picked and tested for optimum performance. The Contour Knob is useful for dialing-in the perfect blend of Midrange, Harmonics and Sustain. And an Input Bias knob takes out the ''woofiness'' and allows for great Overdrive/Distortion sounds when its level is reduced. An Internal Trimmer allows for the adjustment of Clipping Symmetry, Harmonics, and Tracking.

True-Bypass operation preserves your tone when the pedal is off! An LED lets you know when it's on. Mike Fuller has done it again! The Fulltone '69 MKII Fuzz is a fantastic effects pedal for electric guitar. Hand made in the USA

Features and Specs of the Fulltone '69 MkII Fuzz Pedal:

  • Vintage-style fuzz that's fat and harmonic
  • Cleans up like a vintage Fender amp
  • Two hand-picked germanium transistors
  • Countour and Input trim knobs
  • Internal "bias" trimmer adjusts clipping symmetry, harmonics, and tracking
  • Volume and Fuzz controls

The Fulltone '69 MKII has the vintage fuzz tone you crave in a pedal board friendly guitar effect

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