Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head

Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head

Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head
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Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Head
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Mesa/Boogie JP-2C Head

John Petrucci Signature Mark II C+ Reissue

60/100 watt Tube Guitar Amplifier

Incomparable Tone, Features, Value!

The new JP-2C Head from Mesa/Boogie is probably the most significant new amplifier to hit the market in years! For one – The tone, value and features you get out of this thing are incomparable.  To get everything that’s included with the Mesa Boogie JP-2C, or a lot less, you quite literally would have to spend thousands of dollars more. It also happens to be a “reissue” – albeit more of an upgraded take on the classic – Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ - which is probably one of the most desirable and recorded amplifiers in the history of hard rock, metal and many other forms of music. It was basically the “go-to” studio and live amplifier of literally anyone who mattered during the heyday of the Hollywood Hired-Gun (and actual gun) Era of guitar recording and playing.

The JP-2C Head is switchable between 60 and 100 watts and has been upgraded from the original Mark 2 C+ with some incredibly awesome and usable features such as MIDI controllability, Dual selectable 5-band graphic EQs, 3 channels, a built-in CabClone for direct recording and live playing as well as a fantastic effects loop. You cannot live without this amp. Read further if you want, but it won’t matter – you will still likely end up clicking “Buy Now” or want to as soon as you are able by the time you get to the end.

The Mesa/Boogie John Petrucci Signature JP-2C is an all-tube electric guitar amplifier head that gives you all of the tonal variety and power of a vintage Mark IIC+ with powerful and necessary additions required by today’s demanding guitarists – Hey, it’s good enough for John Petrucci right? The JP-2C is a celebration of John and Mesa's 30-year relationship and is based on one of the all-time classic, vintage Mesa Boogie fan-favorite amplifiers – the Mark IIC+.

So you want versatility? You got versatility!

The original vintage Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ amps were beloved for their high-gain sound and shimmering cleans. Both of those sounds are very much a part of the JP-2C. But while the old amp was limited in how many tones you could select from without re-dialing-in the settings, the JP-2C features incredible versatility and select ability thanks to three completely independent channels with five modes each that let you dial in any shade of tone from mild crunch to over the top, from warm and round to aggressive and cutting. And dual onboard 5-band equalizers let you further sculpt your tone to taste. And thanks to an intuitive layout, a well-designed footswitch and MIDI compatibility, pulling up your favorite sounds has never been easier and more straight-forward. To top things off it’s even all stuffed into a relatively compact headbox.

So you want practical, usable, no-brainer features that make this amp a must have? You got’em!

The original Mark IIC+ amps may have been the inspiration for John Petrucci when designing the JP-2C. But John also included handy features like a built-in CabClone speaker-emulated line output for direct recording or direct to “sound guy” practicality, 60 and 100 watt selectable operation, and MIDI programmability to make the amplifier even more versatile. The JP-2C is the ultimate tool for the recording and touring guitarist. Dual 5-band equalizers are footswitchable to get three distinct sounds for each channel with the tap of your toe. And the included footswitch also controls reverb, channel switching, and much more. You literally cannot have a better sounding, more versatile and practical amplifier choice at any price point. And this amp is the value of all values. 100% hand-made in the USA in Petaluma, California.

Features of the Mesa/Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Mark IIC+ tube guitar amplifier head

  • John Petrucci Signature Model Mark IIC+
  • Three fully independent channels
  • Five modes per channel
  • Dual foot switchable 5-band EQs
  • True spring reverb (individually adjustable for each channel!)
  • Selectable 100 or 60-watt operation
  • MIDI switchable and programmable
  • Tube buffered effects loop
  • 5 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • 4 x 6L6 Power Tubes
  • Speaker Outputs (4/8/16 ohms)
  • Headphone Output
  • Slave Output
  • XLR Cab Clone DI Output
  • MIDI (In, Out/Thru)
  • Footswitch Included (Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Reverb, EQ 1 & EQ 2)

Weight and Dimensions of the Mark 2C+ JP-2C Signature Head from Mesa Boogie

  • Height   9.25"
  • Width    18.75"
  • Depth   10.87"
  • Weight 40 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number 2.M2C
SKU: 9191189487