Nik Huber Orca Standard

Nik Huber Orca Standard

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Nik Huber Orca Standard
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Nik Huber Orca Standard Nik Huber Orca Standard Nik Huber Orca Standard Nik Huber Orca Standard Nik Huber Orca Standard Nik Huber Orca Standard Nik Huber Orca Standard Nik Huber Orca Standard Nik Huber Orca Standard Nik Huber Orca Standard
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Nik Huber Guitars Orca Standard

Custom 1-off Electric Guitar!

Full Thickness Korina Body!

Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard!

Custom Color Flamingo Pink Lacquer Finish - Relic'd

Incredible Tone and Playability - Feels alive in your hands!

This beautiful Custom Orca from Nik Huber Guitars was on display at the NAMM Show and features a custom color, Relic'd Lacquer finish over a full thickness (LP / Orca '59) Korina Body and Neck with Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. The color is interesting - not what I would have chosen but it's actually pretty cool and like all guitars that dare wear Pink - It better sound good, and it does. Especially good. Fantastic in fact. So nothing to worry about there :0) It's nice to take a classic, Les Paul style design like this and make it unique. Everyone will be asking what you are playing! All Nik Huber guitars are hand-tuned for tone and this one sounds exactly like you would expect (unless you haven't experienced the awesomeness that is a Nik Huber instrument, in which case it sounds significantly better than you could ever imagine). Resonant and alive feeling. Just outstanding tone.

Elegant, yet understated! Nik Huber is making some of the most consistently fantastic instruments I have been lucky enough to have for sale through my shop. Every time I get one in, the entire staff is floored by its magnificence. The tone is always astonishingly loud, clear and bell-like acoustically. It resonates in your hands like a living, breathing creature. Cosmetically every detail is perfect. From the fit and finish to the fret work to the incredible wood selection. Nik never disappoints. This Custom Orca is no exception! Stunning in every way!

The Nik Huber Orca has to be one of the absolute best sounding guitar models we have ever had. (I say that about a lot of Huber models but it's true each time). This is also one of the absolute most fun to play! The Harry Hausel pickups sound killer and this one sports a classic, 1959 - SET. You don't even need to plug this guitar in to know it will sound like god. Want clean? Just roll back on the volume. Want gain? Roll up. The large, vintage-style neck is big, but expertly crafted, and ultra-comfortable. Just fat enough to be fat. But refined. Not so huge that it feels cumbersome or bloated. Basically, it feels like it was carved special just for your hands. This guitar also sports a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.

This is a one-off Custom Huber. No serial number on the headstock. Many unique features. A prototype of sorts for NAMM. Certainly the first fully distressed finish I have seen from Nik Huber.

Features and Specs of the Custom Orca Standard electric guitar from Nik Huber:

  • Custom Color, Fully Distressed Lacquer Finish
  • Full Thickness Korina Body
  • Korina Neck w/ Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • 10“ - 14“ Compound Radius
  • 22x Medium Jumbo Frets (extra hard)
  • Double Action Trussrod
  • 1.670“ Nut Width (Bone)
  • Orca Std. Profile (.920“ - 1.00“)
  • Abalone Dot Inlays
  • White Headstock w/White Stinger
  • Tone Pros AVR-2 & Aluminum Tailpiece
  • Schaller M6 Mini Tuners w/ Ebony Buttons
  • Ebony Backplates
  • H. Häussel 1959 Humbuckers (neck / bridge)
  • 2x Volume Controls
  • 2x Tone Controls
  • 3-Way Toggle Switch
  • Hardshell case

Awesome Tone! Incredibly Playability!

Custom Boutique Electric Guitar!

SKU: 9191160953
Serial Number: 8728
MPN: 911915143