PWE Event Horizon 50a

PWE Event Horizon 50a

PWE  Event Horizon 50a
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PWE  Event Horizon 50a PWE  Event Horizon 50a PWE  Event Horizon 50a PWE  Event Horizon 50a PWE  Event Horizon 50a PWE  Event Horizon 50a
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PWE Amps Event Horizon 50 watt head

3 Channels, 50 watts, All-Tube guitar amplifier

If there is tone in your head, the PWE Event Horizon can nail it!

The all new Event Horizon 50 Head from Ted Stevenson's Painting With Electrons is one fantastic amplifier! We have quite literally waited years to get one of these things in stock and I have to say, it was well worth the wait. Fat tone, juicy harmonics and ridiculous definition literally ooze from this amp. It is truly an ideal choice for any situation.

The three channel setup and intuitive control layout make dialing in great tones easy and comfortable, even the first time you plug in.

This new version of the PWE Event Horizon has been completely re-designed to offer better, fuller and more dynamic cleans, as well as a much needed and usable crunch mode that fits perfectly between the clean and the highest gain channels. Channel Three- The "Blow" Channel, is still capable of searingly fluid, modern gain tones, but now has a lower gain floor for a more classic and less compressed starting point. "Blow" channel gain settings below 12:00 offer thick, meaty and complex Classic Rock and Blues based overdrive with a beautiful woodiness and definition achieved by using minimal pre-amp gain and maximum power tube overdrive. Blow Channel gain settings above noon bring this channel's gain level gradually into the more modern, fluid and infinitely sustaining realm. The new Event Horizon is now massively versatile and the perfect choice for a huge range of players!

The overall user interface is simple and the entire amplifier is extremely well thought out. A serious amount of hand-wiring now accompanies the high quality PCB in this feature heavy amplifier. Tube sockets and potentiometers are chassis mounted with flying leads and solid core wire for long-life and elimination of potential thermal fatigue. This hybrid build style leans more towards hand-wired than PCB- Very impressive for a multi-channel amplifier at this price point.

Bottom Line: The Event Horizon 50 from Painting With Electroncs is a truly fantastic amp. Very linear transitions from the big cleans of Channel 1, to the very Soldano-esque, SLO Crunch mode of Channel 2, on through to the modern lead fluidity of Channel 3 make this a very appealing amp indeed.

Features and Specs of the Event Horizon 50 watt Head from PWE Amplifiers:

  • 50 Watts via a pair of EL-34 Power Tubes
  • 5 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • 3 Footswitchable Channels - Clean / Crunch / Blow
  • Included, 3 Button Footswitch - Clean / Crunch / Blow
  • Hand-Wiring-Based Hybrid Construction
    Utilizes PCB's for consistency with all components placed and soldered by hand. Flying leads throughout
  • Chassis Mounted Tube Sockets and Potentiometers
  • Extremely Low Noise Operation
  • Regulated DC Heaters on Preamp Tubes
  • External Bias Point and Potentiometer
  • Wide Selection of 2 and 3 Tone Tolex Options. Fat Sound Standard is Black / Silver Front valence / Cream PWE Trapezoid
    *All other color combinations available via special order. Please inquire.

Front Panel Controls and Features

  • Clean, Highly Intuitive User Interface
  • 3 Channels: Clean / Crunch / Blow
  • Front Panel Channel Select Switches
  • Gain and Master Level Controls for Each Channel
  • Blow Channel Specific EQ Section - Treble / Mid / Bass
  • Shared EQ for Clean and Crunch Channels - Treble / Mid / Bass
  • 5-Position "Bright" Voicing Control for Each Channel - Clean / Crunch / Blow
    *Allows individual fine tuning of upper-mid and treble frequencies for each channel
    *Eliminates compromises due to shared EQ for Clean and Crunch channels
    *Carefully selected values for linear adjustments

Rear Panel Controls and Features

  • Female IEC Power Cord Receptacle
  • Initiate Switch (Mains Power)
  • Engage Switch (Standby)
  • Global Presence Control
  • Global Deep Control - Allows for fine tuning of bass response by increasing fullness, punch and low-end wallop. Excellent for tuning to a specific cabinet
  • Global Feedback Control - Gradually increase negative feedback in the power section for a more focused sound. Allows for fine tuning of the amps Vintage versus Modern feel and overall character
  • Decelerator Control - Rheostat-style attenuator gradually idecreases power from 50 watts to 15 watts
  • Defeatable Parallel Effects Loop with Transmit (send) and Receive (return) Level controls
  • Bias Test Points and Bias Potentiometer
  • Heavy Duty, XLR Footswitch Jack
  • Dual Speaker Outputs
  • 4/8/16 Ohm Cabinet impedance selector
  • Mains Fuse / High Tension Fuse

This amp RuuuuuleZZZzzzSs EH!?!

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