Used Teuffel Tesla Classic

Used Teuffel Tesla Classic

Used Teuffel Tesla Classic
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Used Teuffel Tesla Classic Used Teuffel Tesla Classic Used Teuffel Tesla Classic Used Teuffel Tesla Classic Used Teuffel Tesla Classic Used Teuffel Tesla Classic Used Teuffel Tesla Classic Used Teuffel Tesla Classic
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Teuffel Tesla Classic

Used! Just in on trade!

Custom Boutique Electric Guitar!
Exceptional instrument! Great Shape!

Used! Just in on trade! This Tesla Classic from legendary luthier Ulrich Teuffel is a truly exceptional instrument- In every way! This is the pinnacle of guitar craftsmanship right here. It doesn't get any more innovative. Like all our used / vintage gear this has been tested for functionaltiy and priced to move. It's in excellent shape overall - no serious issues, damage or repairs. Just a couple of very minor cosmetic marks from being lovingly appreciated. Collector owned and cared for. Never giggled. Sold as-is. What you see is what you get.

The Teuffel Tesla Classic 6-string:

Ulrich Teuffel is one of the freshest thinkers in the industry. His contemporary designs feature innovative ideas and pay the ultimate respect to the craft of instrument construction. Defiantly, he takes conventional guitar concepts and brings them straight into the 21st century.

The Concept:

The Teuffel Tesla Classic was designed with the experimental guitarist in mind. In addition to it's 6-strings, 2 pickups and "standard" Volume and Tone controls, a series of contact points and push-buttons situated on the body can be used to activate a myriad of primitive and interesting sounds. It's no wonder this model is favored by avante gaurd musicians like David Torn and Henry Kaiser.

Exquisite Detail and Craftsmanship:

The Tesla is beautiful and ergonomic. Like all Teuffel instruments, every detail is exquite and over-engineered. It's neck-through contruction incorporates an old-growth birdseye Maple with American alder body sides. It features a 25.6" scale length and 22 Dunlop 6105 frets.

Although it may seem incredibly strange, the transition from neck to body at the 7th fret is in the shape of a groove and actually allows for comfortable and easy access to even the highest registers. This design also makes the neck quite stiff, making for incredible low frequency resonance and an unbeatably clear and powerful sound.

Hardware & Features:

All components are fastened with hand-polished, stainless steel screws in threaded inserts, so they won't come loose and cannot be overtightended. At the top end of the neck is a steel locking nut which locks each string seperately. The locking screws are precision turned and string ends fit into little cavities behind the screws, so they can't accidentally stab you. The nut is also adjustable for height and to assure harmonic intonation. Tuning is handled at the tailpiece and along with the bridge, it is also completely machined and polished by hand. No detail of a Teuffel instrument goes overlooked.


The Tesla features two pickups with Master Volume and Tone controls, as well as a Push Button pickup selector. Three additional push-button switches can be used to achieve a number of unusual background noises, pickup feedback, loud humming and other archetypical sounds from guitar history.

  •     The left button causes a 60 cycle hum
  •     The middle switch interrupts the guitar signal (momentary kill switch)
  •     The right button activates a small microphone hidden beneath the neck pickup, allowing for controllable feedback on demand

The neck pickup features a split coil design consisting of two offset bobbins. One bobbin picks up the bass strings while the other picks up the treble strings. Since both bobbins are wound in reverse there is no hum. The sound of the pickup is very guttural, but much richer than a strat single coil tone. The bridge pickup is constructed in a traditional humbucker manner with tone similar to a much hotter PAF style pickup.

Custom-made AlNiCo5 and AlNiCo8 magnets are utilized and all components are made and wound in-house. Finally the pickups are sealed against microphonic feeback in a special high vacuum chamber. All electric compartments are shielded from magnetic and electric interference.


In terms of originality, tonal versatility, craftsmanship and engineering, nothing even comes close to a Teuffel guitar. It's no wonder these instruments have become among the most cherished possesions of players like David Torn, Henry Kaiser, Hans Zimmer, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Page Hamilton, Kirk Hammett, Amir Derakh and many others. A complete set of tools, strap locks and a custom flight case with wheels are all included.

* The hand-made Teuffel display stand pictured is available for purchase separately

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