Teuffel Niwa

Teuffel Niwa

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Teuffel Niwa
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Teuffel Niwa Teuffel Niwa Teuffel Niwa Teuffel Niwa Teuffel Niwa Teuffel Niwa Teuffel Niwa Teuffel Niwa Teuffel Niwa
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Teuffel Guitars Niwa


The Teuffel Niwa:

Ulrich Teuffel is one of the freshest thinkers in the industry. His contemporary designs feature innovative ideas and pay the ultimate respect to the craft of instrument construction. He definitely takes conventional guitar concepts and brings them straight into the 21st century.

Exquisite Detail and Craftsmanship:

The Niwa is beautiful and ergonomic. Like all Teuffel instruments, every detail is exquite and over-engineered. It's body, sculpted from a 4 inch thick block of American Alder, is shaped to follow your waist- With curves that hug and conform to your body. The floating VG 300 tremolo can be "locked" with the simple rotation of a brilliant little Rosewood disc in the trem spring cavity. A Schaller "Sure Claw" allows for easy and exact spring adjustments. The neck rests in a unique, half-round cavity that keeps it from shifting- no matter what. And all components are fastened with hand-polished, stainless steel screws in threaded inserts, so they won't come loose and cannot be overtightended. Even the open spring cavity is painted and finished with the same attention to detail as the more obvious areas of the guitar, flaunting the fact that no detail of a Teuffel instrument goes overlooked.

Tone Woods, Hardware & Features:

Both the body and the neck are made from Red Alder. Only highly selected timber with a high stiffness can be used for the guitar necks and it's specially heat-treated to increase the strength in the neck / headstock zone. Even the control box acts as a sound chamber, so like the body, it's spherical cover is also made of solid Alder.

The neck has a slightly assymetrical profile that fits your hand nicely. 22 fret slots end just before the fingerboard edge so the frets will never poke out. The position markers are two-tone for for increased visibility, with a black circle for light conditions and phosphorescent minerals that glow on a dark stage.

Locking Gotoh tuners are embedded into the headstock for added strength and tone. An LSR roller nut guarantees trem function. Interfering resonances from of the string section between nut and tuners are absorbed by little rubber inlays behind the nut.

Pau Ferro or Rosewood is used for the fingerboard, headstock, pickups and the control knobs. It adds an elegant look and feel.


The Niwa features Master Volume and Master Tone controls with a 5-way rotary pickup selector. The pots can be adjusted to taste, with more or less friction. A push / push Tone pot acts like a "preset"- When the knob is down you have the sounds of the rotary switch. When the knob is up you hear only the bridge pickup, no matter what position the rotary switch is in.

The pickup switch allows these combinaitions:

  •     neck
  •     neck + middle
  •     neck + bridge
  •     middle
  •     middle+bridge

The bridge pickup solo gets switched by the push-push only. All in all you have six different sounds.


In terms of originality, tonal versatility, craftsmanship and engineering, nothing even comes close to a Teuffel guitar. It's no wonder these instruments have become among the most cherished possesions of players like David Torn, Henry Kaiser, Hans Zimmer, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Page Hamilton, Kirk Hammett, Amir Derakh and many others.

 A complete set of tools, strap locks and a custom flight case with wheels are all included.

* The hand-made Teuffel floor stand pictured is available for purchase separately

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