Collings WL-14 XT

Collings WL-14 XT

Collings WL-14 XT
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Collings WL-14 XT Collings WL-14 XT Collings WL-14 XT Collings WL-14 XT Collings WL-14 XT Collings WL-14 XT Collings WL-14 XT Collings WL-14 XT Collings WL-14 XT Collings WL-14 XT
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Waterloo Guitars WL-14 XT Sunburst

X - Braced w/ Adjustable Truss Rod

All Solid Wood Construction!

Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish!

Hand-Made Acoustic Guitar by Collings Guitars in Austin, TX USA!

The inspiration behind Waterloo Guitars – the new line of acoustic instruments from Bill Collings and Collings Guitars are those great depression-era instruments from the 1920’s and 1930’s. These guitars had simple appointments and were all about function. They weren't always the prettiest as far as "bling" was concerned, but certainly tonefull. In fact, many were actually built by some of the main guitar companies of the time but under sub-brand names or private labels for mail order catalogs like Montgomery Ward or Sears. Waterloo was conceived as a way to bring back the voice of some of these golden old guitars in an instrument that actually plays properly.

The WL-14 is the flagship model of the Waterloo guitar line and is available in two styles – “X” (X-braced) or “L” (Ladder braced). Each version is available with a T-Bar or Adjustable truss rod. While originally designed with the fingerstyle blues player in mind, these little guitars are actually well suited to a variety of playing styles. The ladder bracing option provides woody and open tone, with midrange honk that's perfect for old-school fingerstyle blues while the "X" braced version retains tighter focus and balance across the tonal spectrum. Tonally speaking, Waterloo Guitars are all about character. Capturing that certain rawness- A sound with grit. The light and responsive, yet somewhat unrefined quality rarely found in guitars being made today with quick, dry, attack and an unruliness that will develop over time as a guitar matures.

Waterloo is a departure from Collings Guitars in many ways. The exceptionally reasonable price of the Waterloo WL-14 (comparably speaking in regards to other boutique, hand-made acoustics) came about as a direct result of the build process, not by trying to hit a certain price point. Stripping the process down to the bare essentials is key. When you forget about trying to make a guitar with a mirror finish and put craftsmanship in the guitar where it really matters, it ends up being a no-frills utilitarian instrument, but the tone and intrinsic value are still there. So having this guitar at an affordable price allows a player to get some of that Americana history in a newer instrument that will last a lifetime.

Features and Specs of the Waterloo WL-14 XT acoustic guitar

  • X-Braced Solid Spruce Top
  • Solid Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Ivoroid Bound Top and Soundhole
  • Solid Mahogany Neck w/ Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Vintage inspired “strong V” neck profile
  • Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Mother-of-Pearl Dot Inlays
  • Ebony Bridge
  • Ebony Nut
  • Ebony Bridge Pins
  • Golden Age Restoration Tuners
  • Tigerstripe Celluloid Pickgaurd
  • Bone Saddle “Cut-through” style
  • Stenciled Waterloo Logo
  • Semi-Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
  • Hardshell Case by TKL included

Dimensions of the WL-14 XT from Waterloo Guitars

  • Body Width:       14 3/4"
  • Body Length:     19 1/4"
  • Body Depth:       4 1/4"
  • Scale Length:     24 7/8"
  • Nut Width:          1 3/4"
  • String Spacing:   2 3/8"

Sound Clips of the Waterloo WL-14 XT by Collings Guitars

WL-14L - "Waterloo Stomp" by Steve James

WL-14L - "Waterloo Blues" by Steve James

WL-14L - "The Texas Crawl Part One" by Steve James (Drop D)

WL-14L - "The Texas Crawl Part Two" by Steve James (Drop D)

WL-14L - "Latex Road" by Steve James (Bottleneck Slide)

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