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Your dreams are what make the Fender Custom Shop the reality that it is today. From its inception in 1987, the Custom Shop has grown from two builders to today’s more than 50 artisans—a veteran band of builders, each a specialist dedicated to their own area of expertise—working together to build your ideal Fender to your exact specifications.

Fender Custom Shop Guitars

Custom Built Your Way

From neck shaping and fretwork to finishing and aging—every step of creation—each Custom Shop craftsperson brings years of hard-earned skill and dedication to bear on your custom-built guitar with one goal in mind—to create an instrument and playing experience that can only come from the Fender Custom Shop.

Fender Custom Shop Guitars

Define Your Own Style

A Fender Custom-Built guitar lets you define your ideal instrument. Begin with one of our base models and choose from our vast selection of options to customize it as little or as much as you want to meet your personal needs, aesthetic taste and playing style.

Fender Custom Shop Guitars

Bring Your Dream to Reality

Whatever shape your dream may be, our luthiers stand ready to craft an instrument that will unlock your utmost creativity and self-expression. Their passion is bringing your dreams to reality, to create the ultimate instrument—one personally customized exclusively for you.


Design the perfect Fender Custom Shop guitar that's as unique as the music you make. It's simple and fast.

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Make'n Music has been the original home of tone since 1973 and for over 40 years we've been committed to meeting the needs of our customers. Make'n Music offers a hand-picked selection of premium boutique and custom gear. Our Northfield, IL showroom is open and comfortable with private, soundproof demonstration rooms for a pleasant shopping environment while our website is regularly updated with an incredible array of custom electric guitars, tube amplifiers and effects pedals. Knowledgeable and courteous sales professionals are always available to help make sure the gear you want is the best choice to suit your needs.

Whether you're looking to pick up a new hobby, push sonic boundaries or simply tweak your tone, Make'n Music is the place!

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