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Design the perfect Tom Anderson guitar that's as unique as the music you make. It's simple and fast.

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Tom Anderson Guitars

Is a Tom Anderson guitar right for me?

Great question! Do you play guitar? Do you prefer underwear that fits great, or bunches up? If you answered “Yes” and you prefer comfortable underwear, then a Tom Anderson is probably the right choice. Tom Anderson guitars are custom designed to offer the best playability, a comfortable feel, incredible sonic versatility and stunningly beautiful looks. Special ordering a custom guitar that is tailor made to suit your needs is quick and easy. We also offer a great selection of models in stock with the most popular options. Whichever choice you make, I guarantee you’ll like it as much or more than your favorite pair of underwear.

Tom Anderson Guitars

What model should I choose?

Tom Anderson Guitarworks offers loads of different models, so how do you know which one to choose? Well – it’s actually not as complicated as it might seem. First, think about what body style and configuration you are going for – Something Classic or something Modern? You can pick from “S” style, “T” style, Modern with 24 Frets, Offset, Singlecut or even Acoustic / Electric. Then configure with woods and specifications to suit your personal needs. The common denominator for all Tom Anderson guitar models is that they offer the utmost in quality, comfort and playability. The rest is up to you!

Tom Anderson Guitars

What options do I need?

Loads of options are available. Choose your preferred Body-style, Woods, Electronics, Neck and Finish. Sound like a lot? Don’t be overwhelmed. Just think about the basics; like whether you need the versatility to play many musical styles or something more specialized, and if you prefer fancy figured woods or a more classic look. Pick from options that will suit your needs and the rest will fall into place. The Custom Spec Sheet offers a simple way to narrow down your choices. Just click the “Customize” button to open the sheet, use the drop downs to choose specs, and go in order from the beginning to the end. Be sure to fill in your contact info with an e-mail address and we will receive a copy of your completed spec sheet. If you have any questions about what to choose give us a call or an e-mail. We are here to help and we will work with you until you are confident that you’ll get what you want.

Tom Anderson Guitars

How to? How long? How much?

You’ve made it this far. But your probably wondering – How do I order? How long will it take? And how much will it cost? Once we receive your Custom Spec Sheet we can get back to you with pricing and ETA, as well as answer any questions to help you dial in the specs. We have production slots reserved every month of the year so we can always get your order placed for the fastest possible delivery. We take a small deposit upfront and the balance is due when your guitar is ready. That’s it!


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