Carol-Ann SD-60 Head

Carol-Ann SD-60 Head

Carol-Ann SD-60 Head
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Carol-Ann SD-60 Head Carol-Ann SD-60 Head Carol-Ann SD-60 Head Carol-Ann SD-60 Head Carol-Ann SD-60 Head Carol-Ann SD-60 Head Carol-Ann SD-60 Head
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Carol Ann Amps SD-60 Head

3 Channels!

Tube Effects Loop!

5 Button Footswitch!

60 watt Tube Guitar Amplifier!

Special Pricing for the first Run!

*** SPECIAL! For the first run only, we will be offering special introductory pricing of ONLY $2995! Reserve your amp today!

The SD60 is the newest amp in the Carol Ann lineup and it’s sure to please! One of my absolute favorite amps. Period! It just isn’t possible to dial in a bad tone from this all tube guitar head. This is the ultimate Rock and Roll amplifier- Perfect for any gig – From AC/DC classic rock, to harder, faster and more aggressive sounds, or even bluesier edged, Bonamassa / Gary Moore tone, you’ll find it all at your fingertips thanks to the SD-60 from Carol Ann. The warm, rich and sparkling tone from the fully independent Clean channel only goes on to sweeten the deal.

Alan worked up the SD60 as a signature model for Stevie D from the band Buckcherry. It was designed especially to suit his needs as a versatile Rock and Roll player with discriminating tonal requirements and a demanding tour schedule. The key ingredients for this fantastic new model are the 6L6 power section - delivering a perfectly usable 60 watts of all tube power – A Clean Channel based on the JB100 and a pair of Overdrive Channels inspired by the Tucana 3 / Triptik amps. Combine all that with the functionality of a 5 button footswitch (included) that allows for foot-switchable capability of all 3 channels, as well as the tube Effects Loop and an adjustable Lead Boost, AND the unique Bias Monitor system Alan designed for his Carol Ann Amps – Well, this amp is just INCOMPARABLE!

INSANELY GOOD TONE! The SD-60 is the kind of amp that sounds so juicy and rich that it actually makes you sound better - because it makes you want to BE better – just so you can see what else it can do. Like all Carol Ann Amps the SD60 is built with only the absolute finest components. It’s designed to handle the rigors of the road and the studio with rock solid construction and a nearly undetectable noise floor. You won’t find a finer piece of boutique musical equipment anywhere, and because the first 5 of these babies are available exclusively from Make’n Music, that is literally the truth. ENJOY!!!

Features of the 60 watt SD-60 Head from Carol Ann Amps

  • 60 watts All Tube Power
  • 2x 6L6 Power Tubes
  • 3x 12AX7 Tubes
  • 1x 5751 Tube
  • 3 Channels (A / B / C)
  • Clean Channel A – Input Gain
  • Clean Channel A – Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Clean Channel A - Master Volume
  • Overdrive Channel B/C – Input Gain
  • Overdrive Channel B/C – Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Overdrive Channel B – Master Volume
  • Overdrive Channel C – Master Volume
  • Lead Master Volume (Foot-switchable)
  • Global Presence Control
  • Effects Loop w/Level Control (Foot-switchable)
  • Programmable 5 Button Footswitch – Included
  • Bias-Mon Bias Control w/LED (Green means it’s good to go)
  • 8 & 16 Ohm Speaker Outputs


Weight and Dimensions of the Carol Ann SD60 amplifier

  • 21” width
  • 10” height
  • 10” depth
  • 39 lbs


AutoBiasMon system details

One of the most unique features of the SD-60 head from Carol Ann is the new AutoBiasMon system. This new system takes the previous BiasMon system to the next level with automatic biasing, tube state indication, low voltage controlled Standby Switch as well as the ability to select different tube types to run in the amplifier. The user interface for this system is very simple, just a single 'Calibrate' button and a multicolor LED, both located on the back panel. While each model is designed to run and sound its best with the stock / recommended tube type, others can technically be installed and not cause any problems. HOWEVER - The changing of tube types requires removal of the chassis from the amplifier and should only be done by experienced users. The system also monitors the condition of the power tubes giving the user early warning for impending tube failure.

Footswitch information

The Carol Ann SD60 features a 5 button foot controller that controls Channel switching (1 button for each channel), Lead boost and Effects Loop. It can also be programmed so that the Effects Loop is active in one of the 4 ways listed below. The controller connects to the amp via a standard 3 pin XLR mic cable, making for easy field replacement, and can reliably be used with up to 500 feet of cable.

The Effects Loop modes of operation are as follows:

  • Mode 1: Effects Loop is switched on/off via the footswitch
  • Mode 2: Effects Loop is assigned to channel A, the clean channel.
  • Mode 3: Effects Loop is assigned to the Overdrive channels , B&C, plus Lead Master
  • Mode 4: Effects Loop is assigned to the Lead Master only

Programming is simple and the controller stores the programmed mode in memory.

The actual physical switching inside the amplifier is still done using relays and none of this technology affects the tone- Allowing for instant, tonally transparent and noise free switching to be achieved.

Customer Testimonial

"Hey Teddy,

It is really hard to exceed my expectations... But the CarolAnn SD-60 amp is really special. The noise floor on this amp is the best I have heard. The pedal with an XLR cable interface with zero glitch /pops is better than anything I have experienced. The clean channel A is stellar. Clear and alive with presence, but with a subtle character. And it just kicks with a little pedal boost! But when the B/C channels are used, the magic of this amp is revealed. I love how it can go from a bit of overdrive to some heavy grind/distortion - with so many distinct and useable levels in-between! And always well behaved with killer tone... 

Just want you to know how thankful I am to be able to own this amp! Thanks to Alan, Stevie D., and Teddy"

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