Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head

Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head

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Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head
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Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head
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Carol Ann Amps Tucana 3 head

75 watt Tube Guitar Amplifier!

3 foot-switchable channels!

Unbelievable tone and versatility!

The Tucana 3 is the newest model from Alan Phillips’ extraordinary line of Carol-Ann boutique tube guitar amplifiers. Alan is a regular gigging musician himself and he designed the Tucana 3 specifically to be the ultimate gig-friendly player’s amp. Along with the traditionally high-quality circuit design, componentry and quality of construction, the Tucana 3 boasts some impressive new features including a programmable foot controller and on-board bias monitor and adjustment. If you are looking for one amp that can do it all, the Tucana 3 head should be on your short list for sure!

This 75 watt, KT88 powered amp is actually a significantly updated version of the original Tucana model and it is now infinitely more versatile thanks to some additional features and controls. The 3-channel Tucana 3 head has a separate Input Gain control for the Overdrive side as well as the Clean side, so anything from the purest, sparkling fat clean headroom to the ultimate heavy high gain overdrive and distortion can be achieved with ease. The Clean (A) channel also has its own, fully independent EQ section and Master Volume control.  Each of the two Overdrive Channels (B & C) has its own Gain and Master Volume controls as well as independent Lead Master Volume (foot-switchable) and Global Presence. The newly revised 5 button footswitch is programmable and comes with the amp. As well as the traditional channel switching and lead boost functions, the new footswitch can be programmed to engage the FX loop on only certain channels, or globally. The Tucana 3 is a ”Swiss Army knife” amp designed for players who need access to many tones in one functional and convenient package. If you play sessions or have a Cover Band- the Tucana 3 is a perfect choice. Of course the incredible versatility and quality of tone are great for original music as well.

One of the most unique features of the Tucana 3 head from Carol Ann is the new BiasMon system. This system allows for on the fly biasing of the amplifier using simple, 3x LED interface. The Tucana 3 internally measures wall voltage, plate voltage, cathode current and screen current, then automatically calculates the ideal bias point. The system is pre-programmed for the preferred range that the amplifier was designed for, but allows the user to adjust the Bias to their own taste within that range. (A partial turn of a small screw driver is all it takes and if you can tell the difference between Green and Red you are all set!)  This is a safer and more accurate alternative to any bias meter and allows the player to adjust for changes in wall voltage at a show or wherever they use the amp. The system can also monitor and give the user clues as to the condition of the power tubes making for an early warning system for impending failure before it occurs.

The Tucana 3 Head from Carol Ann Amps features:

  • Separate Input Level Controls for Clean and Overdrive channels
  • Independent 3-Band EQ for Clean and Overdrive channels (OD B & C share)
  • Independent Master Volume controls for all 3 Channels
  • Independent Gain controls for each Overdrive Channel
  • Independent Lead Master Volume
  • Global Presence Control
  • 2x KT88 Power Tubes
  • 75 Watts
  • Tube buffered Effects Loop using 5751 Tube
  • FX Send Level Control
  • BiasMon system
  • 5 Button Footswitch included
  • Footswitch uses standard 3-pin XLR cable
  • Footswitch is programmable for FX loop assignment


Weight and Dimensions of the Carol Ann Tucana 3 amplifier

  • 21” width
  • 10” height
  • 10” depth
  • 47 lbs


Footswitch Information:

The Tucana 3 features a 5 button foot controller that controls Channel switching (1 button for each channel), Lead boost and Effects Loop. It can also be programmed so that the Effects Loop is active in one of the 4 ways listed below. The controller connects to the amp via a standard 3 pin XLR mic cable, making for easy field replacement, and can reliably be used with up to 500 feet of cable.

The Effects Loop modes of operation are as follows:

  • Mode 1: Effects Loop is switched on/off via the footswitch
  • Mode 2: Effects Loop is assigned to channel A, the clean channel.
  • Mode 3: Effects Loop is assigned to the Overdrive channels , B&C, plus Lead Master
  • Mode 4: Effects Loop is assigned to the Lead Master only

Programming is simple and the controller stores the programmed mode in memory.

The actual physical switching inside the amplifier is still done using relays and none of this technology affects the tone- Allowing for instant, tonally transparent and noise free switching to be achieved.

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