Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye

Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye

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Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye
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Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye
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Friedman Amps BE-100 Head

Full Clean Channel

Brown Eye / Hairy Brown Eye gain stages

100 watts of hot-modded Marshall tone

The Friedman Amps Brown Eye (formerly known as the Marsha) is THE ultimate modded Marshall style 50/100 watt tube guitar amplifier head. Legendary amp guru David Friedman (Rack Systems Ltd.) created this fine piece of sonic machinery around the EL34 based Marshall Plexi platform using custom transformers and his renowned Brown Eye and Hairy Brown Eye voicing modifications. This British voiced, brown sounding beast of a tone machine has already found its way into the arsenals of many top studio and touring artists- Now it can be yours!

The Friedman BE100 “The Brown Eye” is a culmination of the experience Dave Friedman has accumulated from years of modifying Marshall amps owned by some of the world’s most famous and respected guitarists. The Brown Eye is revered for its incredible girth, punch and sustain. Tamed is the harshness predominant with many stock Marshall-style amps and the BE100 is incredibly responsive to your guitar’s volume pot making it one of the most incredibly dynamic and fun to play tube guitar amplifiers around! Bottom end is tight and focused and The Brown Eye also SOUNDS GREAT AT ANY VOLUME level thanks to an awesome Master Volume control- So don’t be put off by the 100 watt power rating.

This is the newest version- Fully loaded and footswitchable with a Full Clean Channel EQ and 3-way bright switch, Overdrive Channel with full EQ- Brown Eye and Hairy Brown Eye gain settings.

Features and specs of the Friedman Amps Brown Eye BE-100 watt tube guitar amplifier:

The Brown Eye Clean Channel features:

  • Volume, Bass and Treble controls
  • 3-way Bright Switch

The BE100 Overdrive Channel features:

  • Bass, Mid, Treble EQ controls
  • Gain and Master Volume controls
  • Voice Switch (for subtle tonal variance)
  • C45 Switch (for voicing the BE/HBE channel)

Global Amplifier features:

  • 100 watts
  • 4x EL-34 Power Tubes
  • 5x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • Effects Loop with on/off switch
  • Line Out with Level Control
  • 3-way switch for Clean, BE or HBE channel selection
  • Fat Switch
  • SAT Switch (adds gain, compression and saturation)
  • Global Presence control
  • 2x Speaker Outputs
  • Impedance Selector 4, 8, or 16 Ohm
  • Made in the USA

Weight and Dimensions of the Brown Eye BE100 head from Friedman Amplification

  • 44 lbs.
  • 11 5/8" Height
  • 29" Width
  • 8 5/8" Depth

Limited Lifetime Warranty for US: New Friedman Amplification products are lifetime warranted to the original purchaser against failure of parts/materials and workmanship if purchased through an authorized dealer. No other warranty applies.

 Tubes, transformers and speakers are warranted for a period of ninety days. This warranty applies only if the product has not been damaged by accident, misuse or as a result of repair or modification. The use of non-authorized Friedman Amplification tubes and replacement parts may void this warranty. Friedman Amplification reserves the right to make any design changes without notice or obligation to incorporate these changes in products previously purchased. Outside the US the following restrictions apply: Products must be bought through authorized dealer/distributor in the country of use. Check with your Dealer - Distributor for warranty conditions as they might vary from country to country. Friedman Amplification is not liable for any freight or duty charges.

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