Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head

Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head

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Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head
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Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head
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Mesa Boogie Amps Recto-Verb Twenty-Five Head

Mini Rectifier 25 Head w/ Reverb

Compact and Portable Tube Guitar Amplifier!

Following the worldwide success of the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five Head, the engineers at Mesa/Boogie are proud to introduce the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five Head and 1x12 Combo. The Rectoverb 25 packs all the tone and punch of the original Mini-Rectifier 25 head, along with a long spring Reverb tank into a lightweight, compact and classically appointed headshell (or 1x12 combo) format for everyone needing a portable and self-contained package.

The lush tube-driven Reverb broadens the sonic spectrum of the Mini Rec while sweetening the attack just a bit- Increasing versatility and appeal for players who favor lower to medium gain in their style. Of course all the heavier tones and trademark Recto sounds are all here too and completely authentic.

OVERVIEW of the Mesa/Boogie Rectoverb Twenty-Five

Like its original two channel forefathers, the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five Head keeps things simple. This generation features two footswitchable Channels- Each with two sonic Modes, 10/25 watt selection, and a full set of Volume, Gain and EQ controls.

Channel 1

The focus here is on rhythm sounds- Both Clean and Overdriven. The CLEAN Mode delivers sparkling, big-headroom rhythm sounds that breathe with rich, warm air on the bottom end. When driven to clip and combined with the 10-Watt Power setting, this Mode is great for Blues solo sounds and Rock rhythm tones with a little hair. The PUSHED setting invites aggressive Rock rhythm and Crunch playing styles and even taunts your mid-gain solo work, especially in the 10-Watt Power setting.

Channel 2

This channel captures the iconic Recto high gain sounds- Both the iconic liquid wall of VINTAGE MODE and the aggressive fury of the MODERN MODE are present and accounted for here.

VINTAGE MODE excels at thick, high gain chording and single note soloing with an elastic feel and a broad harmonic spread. It has a looser, organic sound and the overdrive drapes itself around the notes creating a huge, three-dimensional image. VINTAGE solo work is further enhanced by the 10-Watt Power position. Here, the attack envelope changes and becomes rounder and more voice-like, while upper harmonics recede slightly to create single note sounds of true beauty.

MODERN MODE is the opposite in every way. This aggressive Mode comes right at you with stunning attack and a hi-mid bump that keeps things percussive and tracking with hyper-accuracy. MODERN is about all things Heavy and Metal. And while this sound is best demonstrated using the 25-Watt Power setting, be sure not to typecast MODERN too quickly. Using the 10-Watt Power setting will sweeten the mids and soften the attack for a more forgiving and vocal palette, creating a great alternate solo voice with a little more punch and dynamic content.


Each channel has its own Multi-Watt™ Channel Assignable Power switches. These dedicated wattage range choices (10 or 25 watt settings) unveil different power characteristics and colors – so they act a bit like “voicing” switches as well. The amazing clip characteristics of the EL-84 power tubes in the Rectoverb 25 prompted Mesa/Boogie to explore the different wiring schemes. This experimentation led to the 10-Watt Power Mode being wired for Triode operation for a sweeter, rounder, “more vintage” sound. The 25-Watt setting features a bold attack, tight tracking low end, increased definition and all out headroom. This setting works great with all the sounds and certainly showcases the mightiness of the Mini Rectifier Recto-Verb 25


The Rear Panel of the RectoVerb Twenty Five Head is a lesson in elegant simplicity. Nothing but the essentials here... AC Power Socket, Main Fuse, the Loop, External Reverb Switch jack, REVERB Controls and the Speaker Outputs.


The all-tube, fully buffered effects loop on the Mini RectoVerb 25 Head is wired in Series to provide added flexibility and ease of use. Most importantly, the Loop circuit was designed for TONE! It’s important that the Loop enhance the overall tone of an amp rather than detract.

Features of the RectoVerb 25 Head from Mesa/Boogie Amps

  • Designed and Handcrafted in Petaluma, California USA
  • 2x EL-84 Power Tubes
  • 6x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance
  • Independent 10/25 Watt Power Switches for each channel
  • 2 Fully Independent Channels with 4 Style Modes
  • Channel 1 features: Clean or Pushed Modes
  • Channel 2 features: Vintage or Modern High Gain Modes
  • Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Reverb (rear panel) & Master Controls on each channel
  • All-Tube, Long-Spring Reverb
  • All-Tube, Fully Buffered FX Loop
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • External Switching Jack for Reverb
  • 1 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2) included
  • Slip Cover included

Weight & Dimensions of the Mesa Boogie Rectoverb Twenty-Five Head

  • 7.5" Height
  • 17.5" Width
  • 9" Depth
  • 19 lbs.
  • 2.RV25.BK Part Number

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SKU: 9191181888
MPN: 2.RV25.BK