Tone King Royalist 15 watt 1x12 combo

Tone King Royalist 15 watt 1x12 combo

Tone King Royalist 15 watt 1x12 combo
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Tone King Royalist 15 watt 1x12 combo Tone King Royalist 15 watt 1x12 combo Tone King Royalist 15 watt 1x12 combo Tone King Royalist 15 watt 1x12 combo Tone King Royalist 15 watt 1x12 combo Tone King Royalist 15 watt 1x12 combo
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Tone King Amps Royalist 15

15 watts! 1x12 combo!

Tube Guitar Amplifier!

Built-in Attenuator!

The Royalist 15 1x12 combo is the latest addition to the Tone King Amps lineup! This all tube guitar amplifier features the beautiful harmonic complexity and sweetness that great vintage British amps are known for. Picture the girth of a vintage Marshall JTM45 combined with the aggression of a vintage Marshall Plexi, topped off with the sparkling clarity that Tone King is known for and you will have an idea of what the Tone King Royalist 15 is all about. The lush, 3-dimensional, harmonically brilliant tone really breathes with your playing - even the subtlest changes of playing dynamics or guitar volume result in a pleasing and different tone. A built-in Ironman attenuator allows you to dial the amp right in to your sweet spot at any volume, rather than being forced to play louder just to retain your tone. The true feel and performance of a cranked amp at any level – From arena volume levels down to bedroom levels- makes the Tone King Royalist and ideal choice for practicing, performing, and recording.

This Tone King Royalist is an all tube, 15 watt, 1x12 combo and utilizes three 12AX7's and two EL84's. One of the best features of this Royalist is the built in Ironman attenuator. It lets you get that authentic hard-working tube sound at five different volume levels, perfect for getting genuine tube feel without blasting the amp. There is a 3-band EQ along the front as well a presence knob. On the back, you'll find a fully buffered effects loop, line out with volume control, impedance control (4/8/16 ohm) and extra speaker out. The line output signal is generated from the speaker output and retains same tone as the amp driving a speaker – A very handy feature than can be used to drive a larger amp, PA, mixing board, headphone amp, etc. Also nifty is the inclusion of screen voltage adjustment and test points on the back panel which can be used to reduce sag without hardening the feel of the amp, fine tune the attack, overdrive characteristics, and general overall feel of the amp, as well as extend the tube life.

Overall, the combo cabinet is compact, lightweight and great sounding! It’s loaded with a 12" custom designed Eminence / Tone King speaker modeled after vintage Celestion G12M Greenback The open-back enclosure is custom designed from Canadian Birch with a Baltic Birch baffle in order to disperse the sound evenly for a clear and even tone. This is a perfect amp for anyone who needs true British tube sound at any volume, in a convenient, grab and go package.

This Tone King Royalist 15 1x12 combo is brand new and features

  • 15 watt, all-tube design
  • Tubes: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x EL84
  • Single Channel Preamp
  • Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence controls
  • Built-In Ironman Attenuator w/ 5 Different Volume Settings
  • Tube Buffered series effects loop w/Bypass switch
  • Line level output with adjustable level control (on back panel)
  • Bias test jacks & adjustment on back panel
  • Screen voltage test jacks & adjustment on back panel
  • Impedance Selector 4, 8, or 16 Ohm
  • Externam Speaker output jack
  • 1x12 Eminence / Tone King Speaker

Weight and Dimensions of the Tone King Royalist 15 watt tube guitar amplifier

  • Width    24 1/8"
  • Height   18 3/4"
  • Depth   11 3/4"
  • Weight 38 pounds


SKU: 9191138427