Z Vex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory

Z Vex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory

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Z Vex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory
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Z Vex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory Z Vex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory
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Z. Vex Effects Fuzz Factory - Vexter Series

This unique Germanium Fuzz guitar effects pedal has tones inspired by 60’s Pychedelia and powered by Angry Aliens

The ZVex Fuzz Factory is one of the first and most popular pedals in the Z Vex lineup. It is an original design- not a clone of any specific vintage Fuzz and it is an incredibly inspirational tone machine! The Fuzz Factory sounds like it is literally ripping your speakers to shreds, mangling your tone before it even hits the amplifier- (In a good way of course!) The Z Vex Fuzz Factory is the King of the Fuzz Boxes!

At its core are New Old Stock Germanium transistors from the sixties. Zachary Vex expanded on this basic Fuzz Pedal concept by adding an unheard of level of control over all aspects of the tone, including: a Gate knob to control noise and tune feedback pitch, Compression control, and a Stability (or "Stab") knob that can send the Fuzz Factory into delicious squeals and oscillations, opening up a palette of fresh sounds for any adventurous guitar lunatic. This pedal literally sounds like it’s screaming Rock and Roll! (Unless you don’t have it dialed in just right, in which case it’s yelling, ‘’F&%K OFF!) The controls are highly interactive and encourage hours of sonic exploration. The Fuzz Factory also features a Green On / OFF LED, 9VDC power jack, Lifetime Warranty, and original hand-painted graphics. Each one is totally handmade and unique!

No other Fuzz pedal puts so much tone and fuzz shaping control at your fingertips!

Controls, Features and Specifications of the Fuzz Factory guitar effects pedal from Z Vex:

Volume: Output level

Gate: Used to squelch noise and determine how much sustain before cutting out the sound. Very sensitive!

Comp: Controls the amount of attack and suddenly pinches tone when all the way right. Also tunes in fat, feedbacky fuzz. Lower the Stability and see what happens to this control.

Drive: Increases distortion when used as a "normal" fuzz and adjusts feedback pitch and tonal thickness.

Stab: Use to control the feedback pitch. This is one of the pedal's more finicky controls, so it will take some experimentation to get it right.

Note: Due to the nature of ZVex Fuzz Factory pedals, there may be a slight difference in cosmetic design from the posted image.

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